Varnish restoration

Varnish renovation

The most effective detailing procedure

Polishing - varnish correction is one of the most spectacular detailing processes, during which, we remove all scratches, blemishes and tarnishing. The service restores and even enhances the depth of colour and gives a glossy shine to the car body.
It is worth emphasizing that the process of paint restoration is a durable and completely safe.

  • Package I
    500 - 1000 PLN 1 day
  • Package II
    800 - 1300 PLN 2 days
  • Package III
    1200 - 1800 PLN 2 days

The advantages of varnish polishing

Salon shine
  • The perfect surface of the varnish without defects
  • Raising the market value of the car
  • Giving the gloss of the car body
  • Making the colour deeper

Because of improper care and the fact that new varnishes are sensitive to scratches, after years, or even after a few months of using the car, the varnish does not look perfect. Varnish restoration is the process that brings the car body to the “showroom condition”. During this procedure, the layer of damaged varnish is safely removed. Thanks to such treatment, the paint regains its perfect condition, shines incredibly, and the colour is clear and vivid. It is worth adding that the restored varnish definitely raises the value of the vehicle. We can again enjoy the car as if it had just been picked up from the salon. It should be mentioned that cars polishing has become very common. That’s why you should give your car only into the hands of specialists!

* Renovation of varnish – we recommend polishing for all used cars, especially ones, that were washed earlier on automatic car washes, or maintained improperly.

*Renowację lakieru – polerowanie auta, zalecamy dla każdego używanego samochodu, szczególnie mytego wcześniej na myjniach automatycznych, bądź pielęgnowanego w niewłaściwy sposób.