Ceramic coating

Ceramic coating

Protective shield for your car.

The ceramic coating gives incredible glaze and depth of colour to the varnish. At the same time, what is most important, it protects varnish against scratches. Thanks to the exceptional smoothness of the coating surface, we obtain a hydrophobic effect, which is repulsing water with impurities.

It definitely makes the car care easier, slows down getting dirty significantly, and protects varnish from corrosion and oxidation."

    2000 - 3500 PLN 2-3 days
    3000 - 5000 PLN 2-3 days

Advantages of the ceramic coating

  • Protecting varnish against weather conditions
  • Protecting varnish against scratches
  • Giving an amazing glassy look to the varnish
  • Making the colour deeper
  • Easier car care

Varnish protective coatings are a lasting and effective protection for your car. In the era of ecological varnishes, they have become very soft and sensitive to scratches even during the washing process! That is one of the reasons, why we have used ceramic coatings. After being hardened on the car, they become a layer of glass. The varnish coating protects car body against excessive scratches and has a number of other properties. It is resistant to UV radiation and chemical substances. Thanks to this, there is no risk that the varnish will blanch after time. In addition, due to its hydrophobic and electrostatic properties, the car gets dirty much slower, car care becomes much faster and more pleasant. The great advantage of ceramic coatings is giving the varnish an incredible glassy look and making the colour deeper. The car body is definitely shinier, and the colours are more vivid and vibrant. What is more, the application of a ceramic coating does not invalidate the warranty for a new car. The price of this service depends on the chosen package.

The protective coating is a way to keep the car body in great condition for a long time!

* Ceramic coatings are recommended for cars that have been subjected to the paint restoration process either new or used ones.